Friday, April 23, 2010

Idaho - Levitate

idaho's 'levitate'
Idaho is a slowcore group from Los Angeles. In reality the group acts a vessel for Jeff Martin's compositions. Idaho originally started off in the early '90s mimicking groups like American Music Club and Red House Painters. Their earlier records are pretty good attempts at slowcore, but they seem to want to break into rock and roll moments far too much. As Idaho progressed they become noticeably more reserved. 'Levitate' is extremely distant from Idaho's early work and in general is a pretty overwrought record. My best friend moved 9 hours away and I'm not doing anything about it. Maybe that is why this one is particularly touching right now. Jeff Martin certainly has a swagger about him that all the great artists in this style of music carry and perhaps that is why I love most of this guys work. 'I wish you'd go away / I've gotta grow up someday'