Monday, November 5, 2007

Epic Soundtracks - Good Things

Epic Soundtracks - Good Things
"The album is chock full of stripped down, reverb heavy, pop songs. Led by Epic’s gentle and often sad piano playing and backed by thin sounding acoustic guitars and minimal backing vocals for the most part, the album delivers a low key musical feast"


jemayel said...

hey man,
I couldn't find a place to e-mail you on this page so excuse the mild irrelevency of this post. I am in a band named charts and maps that contains remnants of soli i sombra. you may be into it.

if you wanna talk about anything, you can email us

Peter said...

Cool blog...any chance of a re-up of Epic Soundtracks?

Tinsel Heart said...

Yes, Epic was a great talent. Thanks for remembering him. But could you please reup the album if possible. I'd appreciate it. Cheers.

Tinsel Heart said...

If anyone's interested here's a link to a blog where you can find Good Things and some other amazing Epic's albums.