Saturday, December 1, 2007

navio forge - as we quietly burn a hole into

from the opening hi-hat rolls you can tell this album is going to be different. Navio Forge's "As We Quietly Burn a Hole Into" is probably emo's best kept secret. an incredibly personal and heavy record, few hardcore bands could say they replicate the kind of noisy fury that Navio Forge was prevalent in. contribute this to Aaron Arroyo's pounding bass lines, or Mike Kirsch's insistent background vocals and signature guitar playing. Navio Forge was important to me because they gave me the first record from the "early emo" scene that i truly fell in love with. every song on this record is an emo classic, but "Haloed Eyes" is the obvious highlight and we will discuss that later. another important fact about this is record is as i said before it has Mike Kirsch on it. as those in the hardcore scene know any project involving Kirsch whether it be the brutal aggression of John Henry West that is most similar to Navio or the spaced out, sample heavy Please Inform the Captain This is a Hijack! is going to be worth your time. well, in all honest Navio Forge is probably the best project associated with Kirsch even if it doesn't seem to be of his own creation.

"As We Quietly Burn a Hole Into" can essentially have its purpose explained by just the listening of its final track, "Haloed Eyes". an emotionally dynamic hardcore epic that completely personifies the entire genre as well as shows off an incredible vocal performances for Navio's vocalist, Sean Lynwood. the closing minute with Lynwood's unparalleled pleas of "cripple me" and "never move" are some of the most tense in the history of hardcore. in other words "Haloed Eyes" is the finest hardcore song, i've ever heard and while the rest of the record certainly doesn't achieve that same glory, it still surpasses most hardcore release released in the 14 years since "As We Quietly Burn a Hole Into" was first released.

navio forge's as we quietly born a hole into

Navio Forge can be considered a foot note in my own progression of emo, but that doesn't lessen its impact in times of emotional turmoil. this is a record for people that are not content. music like Navio Forge's was a key factor in helping to shape who i am today and for that i'll always consider it one of the finest emo releases ever.

navio forge - as we quietly born a hole into (1993)


gabbagabbahey said...

I like the way the guy from fourfa just sums this up as "Definitely the emo-est of all emo records"... in a way its even possibly too intense.

Probably everyone (and I'm using that word in a fairly narrow sense) has their own favourite Kirsch record. The Fuel (aka Fuelgazi!) Lp was pretty important for me, bringing me into the purer emo sound from Fugazi/HWM, and you can hear quite a bit of them in NF. Obviously blend really likes Sawhorse, and I'd make my own case for JHW, but mostly on the Han Shan influence... the point is, you make a pretty strong case for Navio Forge, especially on the whole epitomising the sound of emo aspect. Great post

Mickey Nolan said...

Hi, thanks for this, but the link doesn't seem to work for me?

Amrk said...

It's just coz the URL is typed incorrectly. It should be:

Cooper said...

Would you be able to re-up this album? The only download I could find was missing the last track.


emo said...

hey dude can you please reupload this i've been looking for this album for ages

T. E. B. H. said...

Great post. I listen to this record atleast once a week. The only album that has ever come close the catharsis this record provides me with is The Hated's "What Was Behind". The last couple years have been a bit rough for me, and this record has been there at every misstep along the way.