Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ampere / Funeral Diner - Split

i'm going to be seeing Ampere tomorrow evening. i've been wanting to see Ampere since I heard their first LP way back in 2005. obviously as we can tell from the last post on here, 2005 was a great year for "emo" or whatever. 'All Our Tomorrows End Today' was an excellent combination of early '90s hardcore with Orchid's rigid sophistication. that record is such a perfect capsule of what Ampere is all about. anyways, from my first day hearing them i've been sure they must have been a killer live act.. but every time they came somewhere near Pennsylvania something came up. hopefully no foul play is involved tomorrow. in honor of seeing Ampere or whatever I'm putting up their split with Funeral Diner. The track by Funeral Diner is released somewhere else, i believe a tour EP.. but both Ampere tracks are just on this record. 'Sleepwalkers' is definitely the highlight on Ampere's side throwing together all sorts of odd guitar lyrics and even a part that sounds like it is about to break into something that isn't fast as shit which is certainly uncharacteristic for the band. the Funeral Diner features an excellent track that feels very similar to the new Funeral Diner member laced ...Who Calls So Loud. all in all this split 9" was a great purchase and the etchings that are on the actual vinyl are beautiful. wish i had pictures.

ampere / funeral diner - split
asleep or awake, eyes open or closed.
we'll see through boarded windows
and cracked concrete.
you & me - all of us - we will be discord, volatile & explosive.
we will write our histories.

we'll not let on to faking and plant a thousand lies.

they won't know;
no one will know our truth.
we see the logic in revision
& practice what we hate
so revel in your contradiction, a wrench in some machine.

- Sleepwalkers; Ampere

Ampere / Funeral Diner - Split 9"


Ricardo said...

So much thanks for post this split. Ampere is great.

Can you reupload the Navio Forge 12"?
I really appreciate.

blend77 said...

Hey, J Dillon, I know youve visited my blog a million times and I never took the time to see if you had a blog.

well, I found this through google, looking up something about Ettil Vrye... i think, or Tiny Hawks... regardless, awesome blog, I cant believe I havent had it linked the whole time...

Ampere kills live. Maybe only a 15 minute show, but those 15 minutes get your heart pumping.

I love the etchings on this release, but the vinyl is one of the flimsiest I have ever purchased. Light shines through it! ha!

Jared Dillon said...

thanks for the comments. glad you enjoy the gospel. i'll throw you up on the side.

Jared Dillon said...

ricardo. here is the Navio Forge. sorry about the delay, thanks for checking out the blog.


sorry the rip is so shitty, i tried to get my friend to rip my copy but it never turned out.