Monday, December 1, 2008

Unwound - Corpse Pose / Everything is Weird

The task of making one great record is not as difficult as it seems. While, I'm not trying to say that creating an expression of art is an easy task I believe if one is artistically inclined then they can easily craft something great throughout their career. What is hard in the realm of music is to remain a relevant and respected act. The band in my eyes that represents a continual sound of progression paralleled with a linear sense of quality is Unwound.
'Corpse Pose' in essence represents Unwound's complete sound pre-Leaves Turn Inside You. Combining angular guitar riffs that seem to illicit Gang of Four with the steady monotone of Justin Trosper the track comes off as the bridge between the aggressive Fugazi minded post-hardcore and the more laidback an artistic nature of post-punk groups like Sonic Youth. Unwound simply being described as the meeting point of Fugazi and Sonic Youth would probably be a better relation, but who really cares. 'Corpse Pose' is especially accented but some very heavy synth playing that helps draw out the melodic nature of the song's chorus in a very subtle yet intelligent way. B-side 'Everything is Weird' is far less structured than 'Corpse Pose' and as a fellow reviewer says "('Everything is Weird') is also awesome, with lots of stabs and a krautrocky ending drenched in xylophone & vibraphone; think Black Flag meets Philip Glass." If you are interested in more Unwound Time Isn't On My Side recently posted the band's supposed magnum opus 'Leaves Turn Inside You'.

Unwound - Corpse Pose / Everything is Weird (1991)


Matt said...

Thanks for the shout out.
This is an excellent single. I agree with you, Corpse Pose captures Unwound's sound very well. It wouldn't have sounded out of place had it been on Challenge for Civilized Society or even Fake Train. This band is truly an astounding band. Staggering, really.
Great post. You write so well.

gabbagabbahey said...

man, I should really get into this band. 'Fugazi meets Sonic Youth' is just another reason.

oh, and I'm sure Gang of Four were pretty ill', but I think you meant to say 'elicit'. ;)

blend77 said...

though i think Gang of Four were kind of illicit for their time period.


hey gabba!

thanks for this! this band has continued to impress me since a very young age. i cant listen to all of their stuff, but every album has a number of jaw droppers on them... and i (unlike many others, it seems) enjoy their progression through to Leaves Turn Inside You.

blend77 said...

upon listening to this again, i realized, this song is actually on Repetition..

Jared Dillon said...

yeah, i believe the 7" came out before the album. it is an alternative mix i know that much.

rgratzer said...

Thank you!

I listen to Unwound all the time (and have been for 10+ years), and I regularly think that it's totally weird how I still haven't heard New Plastic Ideas and the Future of What. I don't know what's wrong with me. I should be tracking those down RIGHT NOW.