Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ron Carter - Empire Jazz

Ron Carter's 'Empire Jazz'
here is a gem. Ron Carter and Billy Cobham arranging jazz music from Empire Strikes Back. what the fuck? i don't really know how this even came to exist but the staff on the record is great. flute solos are excellent. the dense guitars on 'The Imperial March' melody are amazing and all around if you grew up with Star Wars and dig jazz there is no way you can't dig this. plus awesomest cover of all time.

Ron Carter - Empire Jazz (1980)


lessMTVmoreTMV said...

holy lolz

I must get this

Rick C said...

I first heard this "Masterpeice" when I was stationed in Germany. Smitty brought it to the barracks and put it on the technics turntable. The album cover was "Killer" I lost the vinyl somewhere between girlfriends ( You know how they keep your shit when you break-up) Anyway I have been searching for this for 30 + years!