Monday, September 13, 2010

Bedhead - What Fun Life Was

bedhead's 'what fun life was'
Who knows why I haven't been inspired to post anything lately. My girlfriend moved away for a couple of months. She moved back a couple months ago. I've been taking the final classes for my degree and spending a summer relaxing with friends. I guess that is why blogs tend to die is because people find things they find more important.

Bedhead is a mid '90s alternative group (surprise!). Most people who like the genre of slowcore probably know them. It is autumn in Southern California and I've been looking for records that revolve around the colder weather. Mainly focusing on post-hardcore and ambient music. Bedhead has some kind of combination of both of those types of sound. They play pop music much like the Duster record I posted a few months back. It is extremely melodic and extremely easy to listen to, but it also has these weird dissonant moments along with the more traditional ones. The textural aspects of this record are ones that are very subtle, but at the same time what makes the entire record. Good for cold nights, which I imagine I'll be having a lot more lately. Hopefully I can keep up with the posts.


spare said...

holy shit a post. and an awesome album too, good work. sorry about your gal.

spare said...

also inb4 spam

Paulo Luna said...

The best Bedhead's album..