Monday, October 13, 2008

a moment for..

fugazi's 'long divsion'

"it's a long time coming,
it's a long way down,
it's long division,
crack and divide.
this is a parting,
some separation,
we lay in pieces,
cracked to survive.
i'm not your villain,
not your adversary,
i'm not your reason to crack and divide.
it's long division,
crack and divide."

-fugazi - 'long division'


Dhalsim said...

hey, great song...great blog.

I'm working in my blog also uploading shit:

check it, i'll be uploading more albums.

greetings from Spain.

Kevin said...

Hi there! I didn't see a place to put a general comment, so I am leaving it on your latest post. I have been checking out your site for awhile and I currently have a link posted on my blog for Last Train to Cool. Look for it under the "Full albums- eclectic" section.

I have been running Eclectic Grooves for almost two years and try to feature mostly things that are out-of-print or rare. Examples of artists that I'v featured recently are Polvo, Flipper, Deerhunter, Capillary Action, No Age. There are lots of cool things to download such as themed mixes, podcasts, live shows and rare records. I was wondering if you could do me the favor of posting my blog link on Last Train to Cool?

Best, Kevin

plug said...

Shit Fugazi is awesome. So damn original!

I couldn't find an email address, and I wanted to introduce to you guys my rock/metal band Fen. We're from Vancouver, Canada, independent, and have a small but growing fanbase reaching as far as Lithuania and Brazil.

You can listen at

If you are inspired by the music, let me know and I'll send you a link to download our latest album, Congenital Fixation, a Freudianesque phantasmagoric acid crash into the subconscious. It would be awesome to get a review or some kind of introduction to your readers.

Hope to hear from your soon!