Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oink.CD FIasco

We at Last Train to Cool express our sadness due to the recent removal of the torrent searcher, Oink. We fully respect that archive due to its vast amount of OOP and foreign records that are otherwise near impossible to find. It is also with regrets that we say goodbye to our fellow blog ROAWR! which has also decided to pull the plugs as not to be involved with the recent file sharing fiasco. Last Train to Cool will remain up for an unforeseeable future as we are devoted to providing users with a way to expand their intellect through a guise of various musical resources. As stated if any artist has an issue with their work being up on this website, I will gladly remove if I am only informed. I am not interested in stealing profits from artists and urge that everyone help support the music they love, but I will also not remove my website because a few bureaucrats can't deal with the explosion of freely available art.

On a lighter note if anyone has anything they wish to be uploaded (or re-upped) feel free to post it as a comment on this post.

Art is dead, let's liberate our everyday life.
-jared dillon-


Oliver said...

Please re upload Time of Orchids. I'd appreciate it ever so much.

stabilimentum1 said...

I was going to make the exact same post.

Jared Dillon said...


worstward said...

reup the electric wizard album? por favor?

DFelon204409 said...

any of the sinaloa or coffin dancer stuff. ive been having issues unzipping the encrypted files. stupid macs.