Wednesday, October 24, 2007

roawr posts.

archive of my posts on rar:

suicide file ep:
suicide file "twilight":
hardcore in the vein of mliw. very thrashy. very good.

meet me in st. louis ep:
meet me in st. louis "variations on swing":
math rock plus pop-punk. minus the bear plus don cab.

modern life is war "midnight in america":
modern life is war "witness":
melodic hardcore with some of the best lyrics, ever written.

pygmy lush "bitter river":
indescribable blend of folk, screamo, and noise.

celeste "pessimiste(s)":
fast as fuck and honest.


worstward said...

one of those links took me to the message "this file is temporarily unavailable".... any idea why or what that really means?
anyway thanks for linking the roawr stuff. what exactly is going on with roawr it looks like it became "private" or something, not like it went totally offline....

Jared Dillon said...

i think all the posts were deleted.

jordan said...

can someone repost the meet me in st louis variations? thanks!!!